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    There is nothing more effective than targeted advertising to reach a prospective customer who wants to get your message. This is true for products and services companies, including online publishers.
  • If your company wants to place online ads TotalAdTargeting Network (TATN) can get you the best, most efficient results. TATN and partner companies NetPartners Marketing Corporation (NMC) and VRCities, Inc. combine efforts to effect targeted internet advertising coverage.
  • If you are a publisher you can find subscribers quickest with TATN's marketing strategy.

    It's done through an integrated online communications system. As an advertiser or publisher you can now take advantage of this system.

  1. Ezine/newsletter advertising (online/offline publishers)
  2. Targeted, topical webring sites (NMC)
  3. Topical online communities (VRCities)
  4. Topical start-page exchange (NMC)
  5. Targeted banner rotators (TATN)
  6. InfoChoice(sm) System (VRCities)
  7. Cross-promotions and adswaps (TATN)

Click here to see an example of how TATN reaches widget lovers.

    Now, for the first time anywhere, all of these methods are being combined as part of purposeful, organized structure to benefit consumers, advertisers and publishers.

    The TotalAdTargeting Network is coordinating the online and offline activities of a group of companies:

  1. To enable advertisers to target their prospects in the most effective ways possible at the lowest cost.
  2. To provide publishers with the best integrated online system for reaching prospective subscribers.

    To place an ad, click here.

    If you would like to talk to one of our account representatives about setting up an ad campaign or need more information, email us and someone will get back to you immediately.

    If you are a publisher and would like to participate in our program, click here.

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